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Intraoral DENTRA III Sensor

Intraoral DENTRA III Sensor

CoSi Dental Dentamed OPG-DVT W&B Dental KDM

Welcome to the world of advanced dental imaging with DENTRA III intraoral sensor. 

DENTRA III offers flexibility in various clinical setups. It prioritizes patient safety, utilizing low-dose technology while delivering exceptional image quality.

Capturing an image is one thing. Acquiring a diagnostic image you can work with is another. Fortunately, the DENTRA III features three pre-programmed anatomic enhancement filters perio- endo- and dentin-enamel junction that optimize image contrast according to your needs for faster, more accurate diagnoses. 

The system's easy-to-use sharpness slider bar allows you to customize image appearance to find your ideal look and feel. 



    -Digital Intraoral Sensor Size 1 or 2

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    Active Surface Dimensions in mm

    Size 1: 22.2 x 29.6mm

    Size 2: 26.6 x 35.5 mm

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    Technology you can count on

    To protect your investment, all of the connection points along the sensor cable have been reinforced for added durability, ensuring the sensor can withstand hard pulls and torsions. All of our DENTRA III sensors are thoroughly tested for waterproof durability, so they can be fully submersed for maximum infection control.

    Established Reliability

    The DENTRA III is the simple, yet affordable, sensor you can rely on to meet the highest standards and provide high diagnostic capabilities and workflow efficiencies. Plus, it integrates with most imaging and dental practice management software to streamline the way you practice.

    Easy to Install & Use

    The DENTRA III user-optimized quick installation and user guides walk team members through the installation process, while the post-installation tool verifies the system is working properly to eliminate downtime. For added convenience, the built-in service tools assist service providers when they perform maintenance the equipment diagnostics.