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We always do our best for our customers.

HDXWILL has done its best in delivering cutting-edge technology to dentists in South Korea and overseas. We developed state-of-the-art imaging equipment such as panoramic X-ray and CBCT, which are needed for diagnosis and surgery in complex fields of high-difficulty throat, nasal cavity, and bimaxillary.
In 2012, DENTRI, a commercial product, proved the potential of our unique source technology. Since then, research and development have not stopped, and based on new breakthroughs in AI and medical imaging technology, we have made great progress with excellent researchers and engineers.

We are already recognized and appreciated by Dental Doctors worldwide.

Starting with CBCT DINNOVA in 2010, HDXWILL has received recognition for its high quality imaging among the best university hospitals in Korea, and has also acquired strict quality certifications such as GMP certification, and CE and FDA in major countries around the world.
Based on outstanding technology, we have achieved numerous awards such as Korea's global small and medium-sized enterprises, promising small and medium-sized enterprises and the 10 million dollar export tower. In addition, our R&D center has been selected and supported by ATC (Advanced Technology Center) project after being evaluated as having excellent technology potential to secure competitiveness against world-class technologies.

We support digital dentistry for Dental Doctors worldwide.

HDXWILL has a variety of software technologies such as low-dose, ultra-high-definition imaging technology combined with big data and AI technology, medical surgery simulation technology using 3D volume data, surface data generation and display technology, and 3D-face display operation technology linked to mobile devices.
Since we own these core technologies, we are able to respond quickly to the needs of Dental Doctors and continue updating and upgrading our core technologies.

We contribute to the completion of Digital Dentistry.

HDXWILL is combining Digital Dentistry with AI algorithm developed with unrivaled technology.
We do our best to develop high-quality technologies for Dental Doctors such as AI MAR, AI Low Dose using AEC (Auto Exposure Control), and AI Landmark Auto Detection that traces automatically, quickly, and more accurately.

HDX WILL Europe GmbH

Managing Director, Theo Ko